Web Design

Maltech offers quality and affordable web design solutions that cater equally well for individuals, organizations as well as businesses. We put a lot of heart and effort in our designs to present your project in the best professional light.

We make use of the Joomla Content Management system (CMS), which means that managing and editing the finished web site is a breeze. Content management systems simplify the task of managing and editing web sites by removing the technical complexity involved in the process. With the sites we develop, all that is required to edit and manage a web site is basic knowledge of word processing and using the internet as you would experience when using a word processor like Microsoft Word or Facebook.

The web development process involves several phases; the first of which is Project Initiation where the project requirements are established and content material for the web site is collected. The second phase is Project Design and Development where the web designer gets to work in implementing the design according to your specifications and expectations. The third phase is Project Testing  where both the client and the web developer put the site through rigorous testing to ensure that it performs as required. The final phase, after testing, is site publication and handover where the site is made available on-line and full control given to the client.

In order for the web site to be made available on-line, hosting services are required. Hosting is the service required to provide a “home” for the site so that it is available on-line to anyone connected to the internet. Along with Web Design Services, Maltech also offers a complementary Web Mail Service which allows you to manage your email directly on-line or use your favourite client on all your devices including desktop and mobile.