Maltech Clients

Educational Institutions

Children are the future and carry on our legacy. With this belief in mind, we proactively supply schools with affordable computers, printers, projectors and computer antivirus software. the end goal with the schools we serve is sustainability through supply and maintenance.

Non-Profit Organizations

We understand how important it is for Non-Governmental Organizations to fufil their mandate as they serve a critical role in our communities. Through our new as well as reconditioned computers and equipment, we have made service delivery affordable for NGOs.

Banks and Corporate Clients

Connectivity is an essential part of these client's business.Banks and corporate organizations rely on our expertise to install and repair their systems ranging from computer systems to Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).


Every operation at a hospital is critical and as such hospitals require only the best in technology infrastructure. Over the years MALTECH has supplied specialized computer hardware and consumables to Government and Mission Hospitals in Malawi.

Farms and Estates

Technology is increasingly becoming an important driving force in food production. We support farmers and the agricultural industry in providing the technology they need in terms of computer and related equipment and offer the necessary support to keep these systems running.

Clients In Construction

Construction is the backbone of the economic activity at the fore-front of our country's growth. Maltech provides the necessary technology that drives productivity in the construction sector from networking to hardware essential to critical operations.

Transport and Logistics

Businesses everywhere need to move resources from different points in their daily activities and need a strong partner to facilitate the technological aspects of these movements. Transport and Logistics companies continue to rely on us to deliver on their technology needs.

Small and Medium Enterprises

At Maltech we believe there is no business like small business. this is why we actively support samm business across the country, catering to every aspects of their needs necessary to achieve sustainable growth.